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Smiles For Eid

Smiles For Eid

17:11 29 June in articles

The Smiles for Eid initiative involves giving Eid gifts to people from different sectors across the community. The main aim behind this is to reach out and share the festivity of Eid amongst communities and to highlight the excellent work of public sector workers. Sharing a common platform of public services accessed by the Muslim community and other communities, it is important to celebrate the work of unsung heroes and this is exactly what this initiative serves to do!

Visiting local hospices, police stations, children’s and old peoples care homes as well as fire stations on the day of Eid with hampers adorned with cakes, sweets and biscuits is one way of extending the celebration of Eid to our non-Muslim friends.

Aims and objectives:

  1. To extend the festivity of Eid to other communities forming long lasting relationships
  2. To acknowledge the contribution of public sector workers and show appreciation on behalf of the Muslim community
  3. To integrate with local and wider communities breaking down religious barriers

Hosting Eid parties or street parties for people across different areas can also be a way of celebrating people from all works of life and their contribution to society. This initiative will be sure to bring communities together under the same banner of love, peace, warmth and understanding.


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