Engagement 2030 | Media Out-Reach
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Media Out-Reach

Dawah through marketing is a powerful tool to change perceptions on Islam and Muslims. This method is a great way of introducing Islam to non-Muslims and creating memorable impressions instantly. This campaign looks to provide inspiration and clarity in a subtle manner for Muslims and non- Muslims alike distancing and eradicating the many confusions that the communities are faced with today.


This could be done by advertising selected verses of the Qur’an, Ahadith or Sufi Wisdom through the medium of billboards, bus shelters, trains and buses. Memorabilia such as postcards, mugs, coasters, engraved key rings, canvases can also be used to publicise the true message of Islam.


Aims and objectives

• Mass outreach of inspirational sayings in association with Prophetic teachings

• Global cohesion eradicating antagonistic views

• Positive dawah leading to changing negative perceptions of Islam

• Marketing Islam in a positive way

• Winning the hearts and minds of people promoting different themes within the religion of Islam


This campaign will be sure to penetrate the hearts and minds of all those that the message is delivered to.