Engagement 2030 | Jihad against terrorism
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Jihad against terrorism

Differentiating the concept of terrorism with the true sense of the word jihad is at the core of this campaign surrounded by determination, will and a passion to bring about clarity and end the synonymous usage of the words.


This initiative involves ensuring that the true meaning of terrorism is divulged to the public distancing it from the concept of Jihad. Members of the public could be given a card about jihad in its real sense and how far it is from any act of terrorism. Participants could all wear the colour green to signify the meaning of peace. This could be done through wearing a ribbon on the arm, a scarf or any idea that may seem suitable.


Aims and objectives

• Creating clarity in terms of the true sense of the words jihad and terrorism

• Engaging with the public to create an awareness of the need for the campaign

• Eradicating negative contexts that may be used with the word terrorism

• Denouncing any act of terrorism and showing an Islamic perspective on it


Trailers could be made in the build up to this campaign to create awareness about the negativity surrounding such issues and wristbands could also be given out to promote the message of peace. This event will shed new light on the aspect of terrorism breaking away from the stereotypical view that is existent today.