Engagement 2030 | I’m a Muslim not a Terrorist
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I’m a Muslim not a Terrorist

We live in a day and age where the paintbrush used to paint an image of terrorists is the very same paintbrush used to portray Muslims in a negative light. This initiative aims to eradicate any falsehood so that the words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Terrorist’ are not used synonymously creating global cohesion and clarity in this matter.


This initiative involves members of the public from all walks of life (Muslims and Non-Muslims) wearing a t-shirt/hoody with the slogan “I am a Muslim, not a Terrorist.” emblazoned upon it. Participants will walk into town centres of their specific locations to raise awareness of this very campaign where Muslims are being treated with injustice.


Aims and objectives

• Creating a greater understanding in the eyes of the public about the true message of Islam

• Engaging with the public to create an awareness of the need for the campaign

• Forging positive relationships with people from all walks of life

• Building bridges with other communities and inviting them to take part

• Allowing people to lead this project within their own areas


The idea does not have to stop at t-shirts. Chocolates can be given out, bookmarks can be made and distributed, or cups of tea with the slogan included can be shared out. The possibilities are endless! Indeed, the message of Islam in regards to terrorism is such that Allah, Most High, states in Surah Ma’idah that if an innocent individual is killed, than it is like the whole of humanity has been killed. Through forging connections with the wider community and educating the masses through simple acts of kindness and enlightenment, we look to provide a new perception on the religion of Islam; the true perception.