Engagement 2030 | Community Fun Day
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Community Fun Day

This initiative looks to building a structure where resources are harnessed and community fun days are held with a positive message of dawah at its centre. These should specifically target non-Muslims and their families breaking down social barriers and allowing local and wider communities to integrate.


The Community Fun Days can consist of entertainment in the form of bouncy castles, table tennis, archery, cup cake decorating where children and parents socialise in a harmonious environment. Informative educational stalls depicting the true message of Islam can also be set up as an access point. Other initiatives through the Engagement 2030 initiative can also be introduced to allow people to sign up and volunteer for future projects.


Aims and objectives

• Integrating with the local and wider community to help break down social and religious barriers

• Providing a fun filled friendly atmosphere where people of all backgrounds are welcome

• Creating a start to a long lasting relationship with people from other communities


Fantastic opportunities for photos of non-Muslim children playing alongside Muslim children and parents socialising arise and media can also be invited.


“You will not enter paradise until you believe, and you will not believe until you love one another.”

(Sahih Muslim)