Engagement 2030 | Charity at home
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Charity at home

Giving back to the community creating a sense of gratitude for services provided is the aim behind this campaign allowing us to help others ultimately helping ourselves.


This initiative involves raising money for hospitals and could focus on specialist units within hospitals such as the Neonatal Unit which specialises in the care of ill or premature new born infants. Participants could raise money through several ways such as sponsored walks or bicycle rides, car washes, auctions and even Fun Days where money raised goes to the chosen hospital to invest in specialist equipment.


Research into the chosen unit can be undertaken showing the public how important is the element of care of given to patients inspiring them to make a change to the society we live in.


Aims and objectives

• Creating an awareness for the need of giving back to the community

• Engaging with the public to create an awareness of the need to contribute to society

• Creating links with professionals from other services to break down social barriers

• Partnering with local charities to improve facilities for the local communities

• Making a difference locally


This campaign promises to be one of reflection and gratitude allowing us to get in touch with our humanitarian sides thus reviving the Prophetic Sunnah.


“Sadaqah extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire.” (Tirmidhi)