Engagement 2030 | Balloon release
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Balloon release

Following on with a similar theme to “I am a Muslim not a Terrorist” campaign, the Balloon release initiative aims to bring people of all ages, from different backgrounds under the same common grounding: to promote positive messages amidst all the negativity and stereotypes that are being associated with Muslims.


This event will include the release of 1000 balloons in the town centre which will carry a simple message: ‘Not in our Name.’ This simple yet effective way of reaching the public will ensure plenty of smiles, laughter and happy memories whilst a serious message is being portrayed.


Aims and objectives

• Reaching out to the public regardless of race, gender, religion or age to get involved and show unity

• A date where groups based in cities worldwide coordinate events side by side promoting the true message of Islam

• The delivery of a positive message portraying truthfulness amidst a time of negativity

• Breaking down of social and inter-faith barriers to allow the bridging and cohesion of groups in the local and wider communities

• Allowing people to lead this project within their own areas.


The balloons can be of different colours to promote racial equality and participants can wear t-shirts of all colours with the same message. A table can also be set up to allow visitors to enquire about the initiative and to give them a chance to volunteer. Memorabilia such as pens with dates and the slogan can also be given out.