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Mawlid In The City

Mawlid In The City

17:05 29 June in articles

The core aim behind “Mawlid” and our series of events is to be proactive as Muslims and make a real difference in these current times. Our focus is on street events which reach out to the general public and promote the truly Islamic values of peace, respect, harmony and understanding. Through these coordinated events, we are able to unite brothers and sisters from all over the globe who independently run events in their towns or cities, and together, make a powerful impact worldwide.

Over recent years, Muslims have seen our religion hijacked by extremism and an increasingly negative media bias which affects affects us on a day-to-day basis. We believe one of the most effective responses would incorporate the Prophetic Example by addressing negativity, discrimination and hatred by displaying peace, compassion and respect where there is none.

Generally, people oppose things which they have little awareness or understanding of, or that which they feel threatened by. Mawlid aims to bridge this gap by reaching out and conveying the true message of Islam and Muslims directly to individuals.

Aims and objectives

• Coordinating events worldwide to spread an awareness of the true message• Printing and giving out cards with information on the Final Messenger to create clarity and address any misconceptions
• A worldwide phenomena taking place spreading love, happiness and peace
• Discussions to allow the public to have a better understanding of the Final Messenger
Roses can be given out for mass distribution too and usbs where the slogan of “Our Prophet Our Honour” is adorned with may also be an idea. This can be taken on through many aspects:

Mawlid in the city
Mawlid in the office
Mawlid in the school
Mawlid in the university
Mawlid in the park
Mawlid in the hospital


Although Mawlid is not an overnight solution, it is a collective movement which has the potential to make a ground-breaking impact worldwide, with your help. People to people, we can make a difference. One heart at a time, we can gradually change the views and opinions of the misinformed in society, through positivity, truth and action. Indeed, Islam was not spread by the sword, but by sincerity and good character.

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